Felt Paintings (1 of 2)

 Paintings using dyed wool, layered and felted., , , , 

Part of my H2O series inspired by the many serious issues faced by our water supply. 31"w x 46"h

Wet Felted 41"w x 33"h

New work for my H2O series inspired by an aerial view of a delta area. 47.5"w x 36"h Sold

Felt diptych with embroidery stitching. 46"w x 36"h

Part one of a pair. Felted, stitched with cloisonne elements. 18"h x 18"w

Part 2 of a pair of felted works. 18"h x 18"w

Two pieces as a diptych or could be separate. 18" x 18" each

48"W x 37"H mounted and framed. Merino wool roving combined in a painterly manner and felted with rock shapes embedded. Sold

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