Studio Work Space

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Upstairs Dry Studio Area

Upstairs Dry Studio Area

My space was limited and I had some areas under the eves and over a downstairs room to the north end of my design wall that weren?t being utilized so I turned them into storage closets.


The first photographs are taken from the vantage of the entrance to the room.




The sewing corner with the Bernina sewing machine doubles as a space for machine felting when I replace the sewing machine with the Embellisher machine which is stored on the shelf in the bottom of the light box.





The next views are along the south wall with tilt out bead storage on the doors and my hand-dyed fabrics in the Elfa storage units.  There is a rather large lightbox, below a shelf with baskets, for making photo silk screens and there is a smaller one in front of the window for tracing images, etc..




The southwest area of the room holds my computer and in the corner my Epson Pro 4800 printer with wide carriage.  On the other side of my computer is my HP printer used for everyday printing

Along the west wall towards the north is my beading station with my bead loom and delica beads.


On the other side of the ¾ wall is my husband's model train layout.  Look for photos of that in a separate article.





The next photos are of my design wall and the storage doors open above and to each side.  The whole area is painted homosote type material used for insulation.  I can pin into it but it has also been painted with a primer used for slick surfaces so it has a slight tack to it and fabrics will adhere while I'm auditioning them.





Next is the corner behind the sewing machine.  The thermofax is next to an Elnapress.  The doors to the under eves storage closets are open in this photo.




This photo shows a bit of the storage shelves built in under the eves and another Elfa unit on wheels.


There is a large table folded down against the design wall which can be open up for large projects and there is a full size cutting mat which goes on it.  The antique French farm table in the center of the room is where I do most of my mixed media work with wire, twigs, tyvek, xpandaprint, etc..




My painting, dying and wet work is done in the garage portion of my studio set up.  Look for photos of that area in another article to be added later.  The garage is 1 ½ car lengths long and is a 3 car garage leaving space for double utility sinks, a small washer and dryer, paint spray booth, steamer, work bench and print table.