Water is a symbol of life giving and cleansing spiritually as well as physically. It has become the focus of my most recent work. Some of the pieces celebrate aspects of water while others reflect concerns for conservation and purity. Still others reflect the power of water as destroyer. We are 70% water and there is the same amount of water on earth now as in the beginning but the purity and distribution of it are in peril.

My new felt works are meant to be beautiful on an abstract level while conveying deeper concepts reflected in the titles.

All of my works are available for purchase. Please contact me via the Contact page.

Water Series
The latest in the felt works are all based on water. The works are in the Felt Paintings Gallery section and in the Felt Constructions Gallery section.

An Archive section has been added for works no longer available. Most of them were sold but there are a couple that are merely retired.
(October 04, 2017)

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